What to Expect

What should you expect when you visit First Congregational United Church of Christ?


Our children at children’s time.

It is not easy to visit a church. Often you are walking into a community where you know no one.  Things are unfamiliar – people stand up, sit down. What’s that all about?  It takes courage to step through church doors. Well, have courage! Come visit us.

We are a community of believers and questioners; some of us are relatively certain of our faith while some of us are comfortable with and open to the unknown and uncertain. Above all, we are in this together, supporting one another in our common humanity. We try to extend our welcome in a way that makes our community accessible to all our guests – whatever your background, whatever your faith. Our welcome comes without agenda or strings – mostly, we just want to get to know you. And just ask, we’ll walk you through the service.




And sometimes you can expect the unexpected, like a horse at church.