The building may be closed, but church is OPEN!

Note – Due to COVID we are worshiping online using ZOOM.  Church Council formed a committee to consider when we may safely regather.  This is from the committee’s July report to Council:

A group of 4 members (Hannah W, Mark B, Marcia M, Judy A) have been studying the issues to consider when we reopen the church to worship and other activities. We have learned about public health and safety concerns, government guidelines and how other churches are approaching this issue. Information on COVID is changing daily as more discoveries are made. Much of what we now know may become outdated by the time we can seriously consider moving forward with reopening. We’re monitoring the COVID situation and information as it unfolds. For now, we’re taking a carefully considered approach: the committee recommends continuing online worship and meetings for all our gatherings. As we learn more, we will provide updates to Council and members on plans for a safe return to the church building.