The Inn and the Un-Stable


There was no room in the inn… (Luke Chapter 2) Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. -John Lennon, Beautiful Boy Koan: A woman raised a goose in a bottle. When the goose had grown, she wanted to get it out, without harming the goose or breaking the bottle. How do you get the goose […]

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…and he vanished from their sight


Jesus spent the entirety of his ministry being misunderstood. When he asks Peter who he is, for example, Peter gives some tired definition of ‘messiah’ that had been passed down from his father’s father’s father. He was not able to recognize Jesus – the flesh and blood Jesus – talking with him right then and there. And not only Peter…it […]

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Koans are Alive

Palomino horses cantering in field

A student asked Zhaozhou, “Does a dog have Buddha nature or not?  Zhaozhou answered, “No!” On a regular basis I have people asking me “what is a koan and how do I use it?” That seems to be one of those questions that has an endless stream of answers. Life meets Life While on the Open Door Meditation retreat last […]

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