Who?…You Are the Light of the World


There is a solitary brightness, without fixed shape or form, that is able to listen, is able to understand and is able to teach the Dharma. That solitary brightness, is you.” – Linji     You are the light of the world…. – Jesus Life is like what people say about the weather in New England, “Wait 5 minutes and […]

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Before…I Am


This primary intuition of the strangeness of it all, of our single selves as unspeakably fragile and brilliant observers of a grandeur for which we have tried through all our generations to find words, this is the experience that seems to me to underlie religion — Marilyn Robinson, Credo, Harvard Divinity Bulletin But there’s one thing you can’t lose And […]

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…and he vanished from their sight


Jesus spent the entirety of his ministry being misunderstood. When he asks Peter who he is, for example, Peter gives some tired definition of ‘messiah’ that had been passed down from his father’s father’s father. He was not able to recognize Jesus – the flesh and blood Jesus – talking with him right then and there. And not only Peter…it […]

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