What happens during Worship?

You will be greeted as you enter the church building. We will ask you to fill out a name tag – we want to know your name!  Though our services vary, there will be music and song, reading from scripture and preaching. Prayers will be prayed and as we foster a spirit of generosity, an offering will be received.

Do you have Sunday School for Adults?

Yes, our pastor and others teach a Sunday School class most Sundays from September to May, 9:30 am.

Is your church handicapped accessible?

Yes. We just added new bathrooms that make us ADA compliant.  All are welcome!

What about formal membership?

Formal membership is available to you after you have visited with us for awhile.  We receive new members two or three times a year. We will never pressure you to join or be involved beyond your capacity; it should be your free choice.