Lent Meditation


Meeting Yourself on Life’s Road.

Lent calls us to attention as we become aware of our walk along life’s path.  With just a little attention, we become aware of the currents, human and divine, as they flow through us.  We come to an intimate knowledge of ourselves and the beloved community, our spiritual home.  Along the road we meet the joys and disappointments of life, we find companionship and the love that sustains us along dark paths. This is like meeting oneself, whole and alive, right in the middle “of it all.” To find this is to walk the way of Jesus, embracing all as we walk  life’s road.  To walk this way is to take up spiritual practices that work to awaken our souls so often dulled by the rush and clamor, the judgments and dissatisfactions that we so often harbor.  To walk this way is to be as Jesus, walking the lonesome valley.