Our Minister

Our Minister is David Parks-Ramage. He has been with First Church for 7 years and in the ministry for 30. He is married to Christy Parks-Ramage and has two grown children, Jonathan and Becky. David was educated at Centre College of Kentucky and at the Divinity School at Yale University.

David is a Spiritual Director who has studied with Henri Nouwen at Yale and with Jerry May, Tilden Edwards and Rosemary Dougherty at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. Currently he studies koans at the Pacific Zen Institute with John Tarrant. He is interested in prayer, meditation and the transformation possible as one opens to Spirit.

David is a Zen Teacher who  leads interfaith groups exploring the use of traditional and Christian koans for the transformation of consciousness. David  leads Christian/Zen retreats. He is particularly interested in the use of Jesus’ parables, his sayings and doings, as koans.



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