Love and Justice


“Love is woven tight with Justice. Love is more than tender words, a good feeling, a satisfied mind, thinking that all is good. Love rests in action, what we do, how we witness to the seamlessness of our lives, one with the other.”

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Who?…You Are the Light of the World


There is a solitary brightness, without fixed shape or form, that is able to listen, is able to understand and is able to teach the Dharma. That solitary brightness, is you.” – Linji     You are the light of the world…. – Jesus Life is like what people say about the weather in New England, “Wait 5 minutes and […]

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Warm, welcoming, vital, alive, progressive , curious, excited to explore, grateful as we discover, opening to Love, rooted in God’s grace, expressive of God’s love we welcome you! We are the Beloved, so are you. Welcome!

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Worship Time


We meet Sunday mornings. Join us for our Worship Celebration at 10:30, where we sing, share a children’s time, hear scripture, interpret from our biblical tradition, and followed by fellowship over coffee and tea. Nursery care and Sunday School available during the service.

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Christy Corrales

Born in San Francisco and raised in Sonoma County, Christy works at a small historic concert venue in SF, she also works as an EMT at special events around the North Bay. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, wine tasting and painting.

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The Inn and the Un-Stable


There was no room in the inn… (Luke Chapter 2) Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. -John Lennon, Beautiful Boy Koan: A woman raised a goose in a bottle. When the goose had grown, she wanted to get it out, without harming the goose or breaking the bottle. How do you get the goose […]

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