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Our Sunday Morning Service is at 10:00 AM.  **During September we are worshiping online using Zoom or in our church parking lot.  We welcome you to join us!  Scroll down to see our worship schedule.

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Located in the Santa Rosa Junior College neighborhood at:

2000 Humboldt Street
Santa Rosa, California  95404

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We are an Open and Affirming Christian congregation.  Friendly and welcoming, we seek to increase our love for one another, build our faith, and work together towards social and economic justice.

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to give us a shout and connect with us.

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Green Minute


We have all become increasingly aware of the need to be watchful of our water use. Part of that awareness is due to regulatory and financial pressures, and part of it is that we are called as Christians to be stewards of this precious planet. What steps are you taking to save water? If you have any that you have incorporated into your daily lives, let Kathy Johnson know and we’ll share your suggestions! We can all learn from each other’s experience as well as our own, and we can each do something to protect the Earth for upcoming generations. Here are a few tips: • If you wash dishes by hand, use a dishpan and minimal water for rinsing. • Use a broom to clean sidewalks and other hard outdoor surfaces, rather than a hose. • Review your water statements monthly. If you notice an increase, check for leaks. Check out websites for more. One is where you can also find a link to a local Saving Water Challenge. Especially engaging for those who like a little friendly competition! For a little inspiration, here’s a middle school project that won first prize in a recent contest in Petaluma. Worth a watch and considering that whatever we do affects the world we leave for the kids. There’s more, of course, to being good stewards of the planet. Climate change is widely considered to be having an impact all over the world. One place to start a review of our own actions is a simple calculation of our own carbon footprint. Send your ideas to Kathy Johnson at

A Moment's Contemplation

Tuesdays on Zoom* at 9:00 AM

Led by Pastor Diana Bell-Kerr

Join church friends for weekly meditation, a contemplative timeout for just twenty minutes on Tuesdays at 9 AM. It's a perfect time to stop for a moment of reflection at the beginning of the day's activities and the week's plans. A prayer, quiet music, and five minutes of silence that clear the mind and invigorate the spirit. 

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October 17 - Zoom worship

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