In Community 

Through education, study, and gathering.




We welcome all children in our worship with open arms.

Babies - YES!

Toddlers - YES!

Preschoolers - YES!

Children with disabilities - YES!

Plus, our Sunday School is held on most Sundays during the school year for all children ages 4-11 years who wish to attend.  On Sundays without Sunday School  our pastor teaches a child friendly message and we provide Worship Bags with leaflets and independent activities/crafts for childrens' use.

We also have a table at the back of the sanctuary with crafts, books, etc. for children to enjoy at the table or in their seats near their parents. There's another play area near the front of the sanctuary with a few toys and books.

Come join the fun and hear the stories!


Weekly Devotions

A Moment’s Contemplation

Tuesdays at 9am on Zoom*

Led by Pastor Diana Bell-Kerr

Join us for a weekly Lectio Divina meditation, a twenty minute timeout on Tuesdays at 9 AM. Lectio Divina is a way of listening to/for God by praying with scripture in a slow, repetitive way. This practice goes back to early centuries of Christianity (6th century?!) when it was a regular prayer practice for monks and clergy in the western church traditions. We will engage in this form of prayer as we read a scripture slowly, listening to what may arise as we read. Then we will read it again, and again, noticing what comes forward and grabs our attention each time.

Contact the church office to sign up:


Weekly Bible Study

**Our Bible Study is held each week on Zoom.

Explore some of the foundational texts of our faith (and that of our Jewish siblings) and do a deep dive with Biblical thinker and in-house scholar Rebecca Schroeder on Thursdays @ 10:30am on Zoom.

(Email our church office at to receive the Zoom Link.)



Coffee Hour and Community


On Sundays after worship we enjoy coffee hour with light snacks.  Also, there are our regular potlucks and lunches...mmmm...sometimes with a forum on a topic of social justice, etc.  



Prayer Shawls

Our knitters meet weekly to knit prayer shawls of comfort for those in the midst of challenging circumstances.  This might be someone in a skilled nursing facility or undergoing treatment, etc.  If you'd like to join the knitters in person or just help make shawls, call our church office and you will be contacted by a knitter.  

Small Groups

Watch here for our next book group! 

Watch here for information on our next book group! If you have an idea for a book, please letu us know. If you're interested, please call our church office at 707-546-0998