Bible Verse and Activity

For the Family

A Fun, Family Faith Activity

An activity to remind our family that when “We Stick Together” we are stronger!

Materials – Collected sticks/twigs, yarn, and a Bible.

Read the Bible verse:  Ecclesiastes 4:12 - And though one might prevail against another, two will withstand one. A threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Activity:  Have everyone go out in the yard or to the park together and collect twigs or sticks.  When done, sit in a circle somewhere (a table or the floor.)  

Encourage all to break their sticks into smaller pieces. Once you have multiple pieces of each stick or twig, have yarn or string available to tie the pieces together.  Help the younger children. Now try to break the sticks and see what happens. It is nearly impossible to do. 

It is obvious that alone something can more easily be broken, but when tied together it is much more difficult, so, when we “Stick Together” as family we are stronger.

What are examples of sticking together as a family?  How can we “stick” together” outside of our family?